At Schroeer Scientific Illustration, biological illustrator and founder Alison Schroeer creates entomological illustrations of insects, spiders, and other natural history subjects. Her entomological illustration services have been commissioned for publication in textbooks, scientific journals, posters, dissection guides, T-shirts, and internet biology courses, and displayed as fine art in the homes of private collectors. Entomological artwork is available in full color, tonal, or black and white, and can be drawn to your specifications.

Whether creating insect illustrations of butterflies, beetles, flies, or mites, adult or juvenille stages, specimens are depicted in a beautiful and engaging way, and with the highest standard of accuracy and attention to detail. The style and content of each drawing is tailored to reach the intended audience, whether entomologists, students, or the general public. Projects are completed on or before deadline, with clarity and elegance.

To see her entomological illustration work, please visit our online portfolio, or contact us to request samples.